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Joseph Lucia is the president of the Emission Resource Group, Inc.

Company History

Our story began in 1979 as the Olivine Corporation, of Bellingham, Washington, with a need for waste elimination and remote power supply within the timber and logging business. The technology early on was basic; burn wood waste to eliminate the waste and in places create the necessary heat to drive energy producing generators. Since then, over 70 waste incinerators and WTE plants have been built, utilizing waste from the agricultural, commercial and medical fields.

Along the way, our main combustion chambers & WTE plants have undergone a technological revolution. Now based in Arlington, Washington, USA, LEI has designed the next generation of Waste-Recycling and Waste-to-Energy (WTE) technology, with the most efficient, affordable and clean plants in the industry.

With our next generation Waste-Recycling and Waste-to-Energy plants, LEI continues the legacy started by the Olivine Corporation in 1979, with over 70 installations around the world handling over1,500 TPD (Tons Per Day) of municipal, commercial, industrial, medical-bio-hazardous and other hazardous wastes. Our plants exceed all environmental regulations worldwide for the release of gases and ash.

Our Mission

The modern demands for reducing municipal, industrial, medical and other hazardous wastes have grown in every corner of the world to a critical state, where alternatives to the use of landfills must be developed. Burying waste has created more problems than it has solved and the practice of burying waste is clearly not a solution for the future. The ease of burying waste has stalled the need to recycle and the need to reduce the creation of waste.

Our mission is to provide a viable alternative to burying waste that is both economical and clean, while providing communities with affordable electricity.

Our purpose is to accept the daily waste generated by the local population, remove waste that has already been buried in landfills and to encourage recycling in hopes that one day almost total removal of the buried municipal waste is achieved.

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